Resource manager

The resource manager is a Python program that maintains a list of files and their SHA-1 hashes, and allows retrieval of a file by its hash. It was originally intended as part of a larger system for running computer-based experiments, but may operate as a stand-alone tool.

The program requires Python version 3.2. The code is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike licence.

LaTeX templates

The following files provide a LaTeX Beamer template and poster class file bearing the Macquarie University logo. People affiliated with Macquarie University may use these files as they are; others must remove the Macquarie University logo and change the colour scheme (which is based on the logo). You may modify the files for your own use, but please leave the authorship information intact.

Account Simulator

I am currently working on a program to simulate balances of bank accounts over time, given information about recurring payments, interest, tax, etc. The code is being developed with Java version 1.6.0_26.